Wavelength Productions

Wavelength Productions Established in 1998, Wavelength Productions specializes in live entertainment, audio recording (both live and studio), and video production. More than a music & film company, Wavelength is a collective of local artists who come together under the YS Records label to create groundbreaking forays into jazz, rock, metal and folk, as well as offbeat genres that are still being named. The Wavelength roster includes many veteran Madison-area musicians and adept studio players, many of whom have appeared on multiple albums and on stages across the Midwest.
Ben Johnson is the owner/operator of Wavelength productions. Among Ben's many roles are chief engineer, producer, house bassist, live sound designer, graphic artist, video producer, band manager, nerf herder, and whatever else is needed. He can also play a multitude of other instruments in the studio and is very adept at MIDI drum and instrument programming (check out these examples). Ben is a veteran of the Madison music scene. Over the last 30 years he has played in countless bands and many different styles of music.